Official BoomLand Whitepaper, last updated March 2023

The World of BoomLand

BoomLand is a blockchain gaming platform focused on publishing great games while removing the Web3 barrier to entry for players and developers alike by providing onboarding protocols that are missing in the expanding GameFi space.

Currently, the blockchain gaming ecosystem has many products that feel more like complex DeFi decentralized apps with a basic core game loop in between, when in fact, blockchain games need to have a much more fluid and straightforward onboarding process, putting entertainment first if it's to attract the billions of mobile gamers currently in Web2. In other words, it needs fun and engaging games.

BoomLand will deliver a familiar Web2 experience in terms of User Interface and User Experience, making it easy for players to create wallets and accounts on the go while providing a safe and reliable way to purchase digital assets within the ecosystem.

BoomLand is focused on optimizing the onboarding of new players from the moment they download the app and within a minute, participate in the ecosystem, without having to learn or deal with complex concepts like wallets, gas fees, crypto exchanges, and token swaps.

On the other side of the equation, it is a big challenge for traditional game developers, whether on Unity, Unreal or other frameworks and engines, to start learning blockchain programming languages or build a relevant Web3 development team in this highly competitive environment.

For this reason, BoomLand aims to empower them to bring their amazing games to Web3 by supporting them with our tools, technology, and experience regardless of their blockchain experience.

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